Tourist Attraction ( Enugu State)


Enugu State is a tourist delight, with ancient historical relics, several recreational spots and beautiful arts and craft. The people are friendly and hospitable, there are more than enough exciting places for both leisure and business activities. Hotels in Enugu guaranteed best price for you to enjoy your visit to the coal city.

Nike Lake

Nike Lake is a resort in Enugu with a large lake as its primary feature. Around the lake is a walkway and benches for tourists who would like to spend some time with the cool and birds-tweeting side of nature. The hotel also has a lawn tennis court, a swimming pool, and an art gallery for art lovers. With over 200 rooms and 10 villas, Nike Lake is a tourist’s home in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Ezeagu Tourist Site

The Ezeagu Tourist Site comprises of a lake, a cave, and a waterfall. The cave is about 5 kiilometres long and has several tunnels heading out to different directions. Some of the tunnels are inter-connected, often opening up into large chambers which are two to three high and up to ten metres wide



There’s an opening at the roof of the cave with water flowing like a waterfall. The cave attracts visitors. It forms a puddle in the cave like a little stream. It’s a beautiful sight to behold.

Ngwo pine forest

Ngwo pine forest is the perfect place to have a destination picnic for groups or couples.

Udi hill

Udi hill was the site of the first coal mine opened in Nigeria in 1915. Today, the tunnels beneath the hills where coals were mined are now a breathtaking tourist site. You can either climb the hills or explore the mine caves.

National Museum Enugu

This museum is home to art representations of the Nigerian cultures. A tour takes visitors through three galleries. The first is the Unity Gallery which displays arts representing some common models in the belief system of the ethnic groups of Nigeria. There’s the Ibo Gallery, which showcases the Ibo’s architectural, religious, political, social and economic systems. Then there’s the Enugu the Coal City Gallery, which presents the development of Enugu arising from the discovery of coal. There’s also a park in the compound where kids can play.


Home of brands like Shoprite, Game, Levi’s and Gene Bendi, the Polo Mall is ideal for a stress free shopping experience. The Ferris Wheel in its parking lot is also a feature that visitors could take advantage of while in Enugu.

Golf Court

Enugu, the coal city is renowned for its love for sports and scenic views. Are you planning to visit for leisure, a family getaway or looking to see the top attractions after your business trip to town then, visit Enugu golf court at GRA.


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