It is indeed very disheartening to behold the ugly menace and ungodly Mayhem being melted on the innocent Citizen of our dear state all in the name of protest. The bona-fide indigene of Enugu State expecially the youth should as a matter of urgency rise up against this hypocrisy. The Enemies of the state in no doubt have cashed in with this opportunity to ignite and flot several atrocities ranging from looting, destruction of schools, government and private property, raping and molestation of our citizens this is a calculated attempt to shatter the peaceful atmosphere we all have enjoyed under this administration of our outstanding Governor. I therefore call on the genuine Indigenes of Enugu state to rise and stop this ugly incidents. It is clearly confirmed that the miscreants pepetrating this act are visitors from neighboring state who mostly are jobless and waiting for an opportunity like this to unleash their evil plans. We must not allow them to desecrate our state and defile our women whom we are meant to protect. We have information of their secret plans to Robb more banks and buildings especially in the night. The only way to stop them is for our youth to come out in mass and say no to VIOLENCE in our state.

The aim of our peaceful protest have been defeated by infiltration of hoodlums and anti democratic miscreants. What they have already destroyed will take us a long time to build and we can’t afford to be set backwards by folding our hands and watch them have their way. Destruction is easier to achieve because it happens within a twinkle of an eyes than rebuilding. Where do we go from here NDI ENUGU? Our visitors at some times will travel back to their states and we shall remain in our own destroyed city and start all over again. What is the need of destroying shops, cars, buildings and businesses of the poor masses we the youths ought to be protecting? This is a clear evidence of the hands of our enemies inciting our youths against their state.

The peaceful protest has been vandalized and the leaders of the peaceful protest are nowhere to be found because they can no longer control what they started. We MUST rise up against this criminal act and bring those pepetrators to Justice. It is time to stop calling them protesters because they are hiding under the umbrella of protest. They are BANDITS, CRIMINAL, ARMED ROBBERS, RAPIST, CULTIST AND TERRORIST. It’s very obvious that the police have been overwhelmed in some areas therefore to save our land, and properties, is in the hands of our able Youths of Enugu State. Let us all rise in condemnation of this devilish act in a physical approach. Once more i call on all the youths under the umbrella of Enugu Youths, both the Ohaneze Youth Wing and other youth group/association, all the Civil society Organizations to lead this anti mass destruction and criminality in our dear state.

Hon. Engr. Okwu Chinedu Otaka
Chairman house committe on youth, sports and security


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