Ondo 2020: Political parties raise alarm over alleged plot by APC to cause violence


Political parties in Ondo State under the aegis of Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) have raised the alarm over an alleged plot by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to forment trouble before and during the next governorship election in the State.

The parties noted that the recent outburst of a former chairman of the APC that his supporters will engage in violence during the election calla for concern, hence the need for security operatives to be at alert.

Addressing a press conference in Akure, the State chairman of CNPP, Mr Rotimi Boboye, said the recent actions of APC members have shown that the party has concluded to cause violence during the election.

‘We have observed the recourse to violence, intimidation and subterfuge by officials of the outgoing APC government in Ondo State,’ he said.

‘This dangerous development was manifested in the recent local government election largely boycotted by many political parties while a few of our members participated.

‘In the said sham of an election, not only were candidates of participating parties intimidated, harrased and violently assaulted, voters were disenfranchised and figures concocted to meet the preplanned agenda of the outgoing APC government.

‘Rather than abate, such violence have taken new dimensions with meetings of political parties being invaded by known thugs of the APC, their cronies and agents.

‘We are aware that these spreading violence may not be unconnected with the well articulated though sinister position expressed by Isaac Kekemeke, a self confessed militant and an apparachick of the APC, who not only boasted of being in possession of high calibre arms, but went ahead to name known harbingers of violence that are to be recruited to cause mayhem from within and without the State.

‘Spreading across the State are confirmed incidences of battered heads, broken limbs and bruised bodies which allign with the “strategy” openly canvassed by Kekemeke which is yet to be condemned by his party, the APC.

‘These have also been followed with illegal arrests, dehumanising treatment and detention of members of the opposition parties by police and military officers. We see these as a dress rehearsal to show the ‘preparedness” of the ‘warmongers’ to let loose violence on the opposition and the electorates in our dear State.

‘The only way to avoid a sad repeat of the events of the better forgotten experience is to arrest the descent into anarchy that current trend portend,’ he added.

He called on President Muhammadu Buhari to call the State Governor to order and ensure that peace reigns in the State before, during and after the governorship polls.


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