It is our duty as Ndi Enugu to rise up and take back our Streets-Hon. Chima Obieze


Last night I decided we cannot leave our streets to criminals, so we stepped out to the streets. We saw families that have been robbed, we saw girls that have been rapped, we saw shops that have been looted and destroyed, we saw people with heavy injuries and wounds for doing just nothing but going about their business. We saw people whose phones and other valuables have been robbed.

Now we understand that in order not to shoot and kill people and to also protect their stations as these criminal elements are visiting police stations with the sole aims of carting away their guns, the police have restrained themselves from coming out into the streets.

It is therefore our duty as Ndi Enugu to rise up and take back our Streets.

Only last night we made over 500 boys understand that Enugu belongs to all of us & we must not destroy it. They understood and on their own cleared all the barricades in the streets. This morning we continue and together we must achieve calm and peace. Please join the train.

Therefore, I am Inviting all Comrades, youth Leaders and Youths of Enugu state To step out this morning with their brooms let’s clear our streets and stop those burning tires and destroying Govt Properties.

So that you can continue your peaceful protests and allow people do their businesses without fear.

Our meeting point is Presidential Hotel, time is 8Am this morning 23rd October 2020. Come with a broom and is possible, Packer. Let’s clear the roads.

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Hon. Chima Obieze


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